Venus Handy Washing Machine

The New Handy washing Machine is a unique Clothes Washing Innovation in its class of Tumble Washers . It Can Be Used anywhere in any bucket It is economical, Saves energy, water and time .The Worlds Seems To Be Shrinking � and here in a Classic example of that .

Area We Focus

Having an aim of providing speedy cleaning of clothes which help people to wash their daily and inner wear on regular basis to reduce space ultilization with power saving.

It is very useful for people who have kids at home, and also to wash baby clothes 4 to 5 time daily. It is portable and very handy, can avoid space consumtion and save power.

Save Time

you will be saving a lot of time, since it takes only 5 minutes for every wash.

Save Water

Our Handy washing machine utilizes only a bucket of water per wash.

Save Space

It won't require more space like regular washing machine.

Save Money

Save money on purchase and also save money regularly on electricity bill.


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We have had an amazing journey since our inception in 1990 and have received tons of awesome testimonials, feedback, suggestions and some honest critic...

Guruaj B.N

6 years ago

Hi how can I go about buying this . is there cash on delivery . is it delivered to pune

Nagendra Rao

6 year &8 months ago

I Have been using this product for the Past 6 Months at home it�s a small machine big wonder washes Very well

Cleta D Souza

9 Year Back

Bought 2 Of them two weeks back � it�s good. Washes very well . will Recommended To my Relatives & Friends


1 month Back

Bought 2 Of them two weeks back � it�s good. only bucket of water will wash 5 shirts

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